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  • Prof. Dr. Sureswaran

    IT & Innovation Board

    Prof. Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass Head of IT & Innovation’s Board Areas of expertise Information Technology Expertise in IPv6 and IoT 5G technology Security...

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  • Prof. Dr. Christopher Goh

    Finance and Banking Board

    Prof. Dr. Christopher Goh Head of Finance & Banking’s Board Areas of expertise Banking and Finance Governance, Risk & Compliance Wealth Management...

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  • Prof. Dr. Eric Olmedo

    Hospitality & Tourism Board

    Prof. Dr. Eric Olmedo Head of Hospitality & Tourism’s Board Areas of expertise Hospitality Management Lecturer Hotel Management Lecturer Hospitality...

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  • Prof. Dr. Timothy Rackett

    Management Board

    Prof. Dr. Timothy Rackett Head of Management’s Board Areas of expertise Global Politics Globalization Intercultural Studies Development Sociology Education...

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  • Prof. Dr. Seyed Mohammadreza Ghadiri

    Aviation & Logistics Board

    Prof. Dr. Seyed Mohammadreza Ghadiri Head of Aviation Management & Logistics’s Board Areas of expertise Logistics and Freight Forwarding Management...

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